Curiosity of a child’s mind. Image from

Musings of an AI student.

As a little girl I was always fascinated by how simple machines worked. I tended to think that some invisible man was behind it or a force that always knew when we needed to use the machine. Suddenly, an interest was born. I started by wanting to open up machines and study the contents of these fascinating machines. Time flies as they say i started taking part in app pitch events and following up on tech news. It then occurred to me that I enjoyed technology as it was the future. However, AI had not yet occurred to me as a career that can be pursued. I just knew computer science and IT but eventually I came into the know. Although one surprising this no one can really explain AI. Is it robots? Is it the ability of a computer to run code in a loop? What exactly is it? I hope I can find out.

Tech girlie :)